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Ferrari & Cigarini - Compact line
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Compact Line
Automatic cutting, edging, profiling, bullnose, rectifying, bevelling, squaring machines

Thanks to many years of experience in the design and production of mechanical equipment and industrial automatized systems, Ferrari & Cigarini has expanded its production range with Compact line machines:

  • cutting machines
  • edging machines
  • profiling machines
  • bullnose machines
  • rectifying machines
  • bevelling machines
  • squaring machines

These are machines designed for multi-blades cut, edge-profiling and rectifying of material, more compact for the dimensions and easy to use for the operators, to realize some qualitative productions with a minimum space and operators, also not skilled, for its simple use.

Compact line is the right solution for laboratories, resellers and showrooms in ceramic, marble, stone and brick field, to realize listels (slabs), mosaics, bullnose, special pieces, jolly, polished plinthes in straight face, half torus and torus.

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